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Through Winter Windows

Trace of footfalls
pierce glistening white,
tokens of travellers.
Bygone origins,
trivial destinations.
Blinding reflections as
icy air sneaks through
unseen fissures.
Warmth beckons
and beauty is abandoned.


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A Lady Bug Reminder

A ladybug alighted alone on the sand.
A heavy heart wandered nearby.
The clean tide-washed sand stretched toward the sea;
Alone, the ladybug and me.
A gentle whisper in my hearts ear
Came as I studied the bug.
“I made and care for the little bug red,
Do I less for you?” He said.
Reminded again of Creator’s kind care
My spirit eased of its strain.
The ladybug mounted aloft on the wind
Her destination afar.
The cumbersome burden my human heart bore
Lifted with her toward the shore.